The Royal Car: A Story about the Rolls-Royce Brand

A royal car: the story of the Rolls-Royce brand

What does it take to emerge as a successful brand in the world of today? Is it having a story worth telling? Or maybe a history of successful business ventures that go long back? Maybe the answer is hidden somewhere in the outstanding marketing strategy that can turn every product into a piece of success. Lastly, is consistency in quality a crucial factor as well?

This is a story about a brand that fuses each one of these elements in order to transform them into an impeccable product experience that will persist for more than a hundred years.

This is the story about the Rolls-Royce brand.

Rolls-Royce is a British luxury brand founded in the year 1906. It started off as a car manufacturing company but eventually grew to be an engineering firm that created a number of other products such as helicopters, aircraft engines, and nuclear power plants. But our main point of interest in this article is the initial idea about the car manufacturer.

History of the Rolls-Royce Brand

It all started out with the mastermind behind the brand, Henry Royce. After working in several companies that provided electrical solutions in the 1880s, Henry Royce decided that he should emerge on the market with his own set of products.

History of the Rolls-Royce brand

With only 20 pounds in savings, he partnered with Ernest Claremont and his 50-pound share, in order to establish a business for the design of domestic electric fittings. Their workshop was located on Cooke Street in Hulme, Manchester and they were called F.H. Royce and Company. Soon after, the company started producing electric cranes and dynamos. However, due to the big competition in the segment of dynamos at that period of time, Royce started considering something else in order to persist on the market.

Fascinated by all things mechanical, Royce started exploring motor cars and began rearranging and bettering models that he has purchased. These improved versions were not enough to appease his never-ending appetite for building and incited in his mind the idea of manufacturing his own vehicle. Royce managed to create 2 vehicles which were later given to Ernest Claremont and Henry Edmunds. At the time, Edmunds was one of the directors of the company and happened to be a dear friend of Charles Rolls. In fact, Edmunds has shown Royce’s car to Rolls who had a car showroom in the city of London.

Although Rolls’ main interest was cars with three and four cylinders, he showed a rather odd interest in Royce’s car which had a two-cylinder motor. His interest led to the symbolic first meeting on the 4th of May, 1904 in the Midland Hotel in Manchester, between him and Henry Royce, which constituted a partnership that produced one of the most magnificent cars in the world.

The Modern History of the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Although it bears the same name, the Rolls-Royce Motor Cars that we know today have no direct relation to the branded automobiles that were manufactured prior to 2003. Every vehicle that was produced before 2003 fell under Bentley Motors Limited, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen AG.

Modern history of the Rolls-Royce brand

In 1998 BMW fully owned Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited after licensing all the rights of the branding and logo from Rolls-Royce Holdings. BMW also acquired the rights of the Spirit of Ecstasy, the sculpture that was placed on every car manufactured under the brand name Rolls-Royce. The bonnet ornament portrays a woman that leans forward while her arms are stretching behind. On her stretched arms there are pieces of clothing that resemble wings.

Rolls-Royce and its Competition

But what is it that differentiates this brand from the other brands that compete in this market segment? Well, everything and nothing. Quite a confusing answer, this is, but it is the best short answer that can describe the current situation with Rolls-Royce and its competition.

Let’s explain a bit.

Rolls-Royce is one of the most unique brands that exist on this planet. This can be taken to an extent that the company is not really in the competition race with other companies. In fact, all of the features that construe the uniqueness of this brand cannot be found in any other company. Furthermore, no one is even coming merely close to Rolls-Royce and the pricing and the overall promotion strategies are the most reflective proof of that.

According to the CEO of the company, Rolls-Royce is not even in the car business, as they are selling luxury goods, not vehicles.

Quality is in Every Little Piece of Detail

The Rolls-Royce brand is a symbol of luxury and therefore the company mantra is that every piece of detail incorporated in their vehicles is a story of luxury by itself. In fact, the company materials used for the creation of each component are superior and not a single element built in the car, and plastic cannot be found anywhere in the build.

quality of the Rolls-Royce brand is in every piece of detail

Every little piece incorporated in the vehicle enhances the overall driving experience and adds more value to the overall story of the brand. The Rolls-Royce brand surely knows how to refine its products and keep the main feature without any hustle: the efficiency of detachment from the outside world, thus creating a quiet and peaceful in-car adventure. This serene feeling is one of the imperatives of the company and is always felt in the Rolls-Royce drive.

The Language of Design

One of the most staggering details of the Rolls-Royce brand is the vehicle’s design. What makes it recognizable though is the constant and distinct lining. The slick and clean lines of the car portray the ultimate sensation of a luxurious vehicle but also a stable one.

But the culmination of this is the process they call Coachbuild. Coachbuild is a feature that is offered only to high-end and carefully selected clients who are granted the right to work closely with the company in order to personalize their product and get the best out of it.

Language of design of the Rolls-Royce brand

Lastly, Rolls-Royce also offers a wide range of accessories that are carrefuly designed to match the luxurious automobile. So, there are multiple luggage sets with the brand name Rolls-Royce, products that complement the style of the beholders. Of course, all these accessories are crafted with the same materials used in the creation of their main product. So, have you ever wondered why some brands seem to achieve household name status, while others falter? Building a brand is about offering a whole experience and not just a product as well as providing cutting-edge craftsmanship that will surely appease your targeted audience. This is where the Rolls-Royce brand is positioning itself and tries to change the overall game.

In addition, their search for perfection does not end here. The Rolls-Royce brand creates every experience related to it, to reflect the luxurious approach of the company. From showrooms and ateliers to locations where events occur, to lounge areas where clients can spend their time, every aspect of these places is created so as to portray the art of luxury.


As we have mentioned previously, each and every aspect of the work of Rolls-Royce is centered on an idea of luxury. The same applies when it comes to their promotional and marketing strategies. Their marketing communication is heavily focused on their search for greatness, perfection, and uniqueness. All these attributes contribute to their main mantra: the constant search for great achievements.

Consistency is the word that describes the promotional strategy of the Rolls-Royce brand. It is interesting to point out that every piece of material found on their communication channels lacks a clear mention of their vehicles. Instead, their main strategy is focused on the owner’s experience and introducing the clients to the lifestyle that their products offer.

The strategy of the Rolls-Royce brand

In addition, a common channel of reaching the targeted audience is the organization of exclusive events that will entice the clients and will work towards building an increased value and fortifying the loyalty of the customers. The Rolls-Royce brand is best described as a big family that shares one common incentive, the drive for uniqueness. Becoming part of the Rolls-Royce brand means that you will delve deeper into numerous car presentations, art-related events, and many history revivals.

When it comes to art, Rolls-Royce also knows how to become a leading actor. Art is actually one of the fundamental elements of every activity that the Rolls-Royce brand enrolls in. There are different programs this company supports, that feature various artists involved in different technologies and the production of moving images. Furthermore, the company is also working closely with artists like Marc Quinn on a philanthropic project that supports medical research.

Lastly, their social media profiles consist of a mix of content for cars and some inspiring collabs which greatly contribute to the Rolls-Royce brand and its consistent image on the market segment.

To Summarize

The success of a business is seen in the brand name. A good product is not enough to make your business successful; you need to create an identity that customers can relate to and associate with.

The Rolls-Royce brand is the primary example of how a brand should market itself in order to become top-rated. In this manner, brands should thrive to communicate with their audience and provide a consummate experience for everyone involved.

Therefore, one of the most effective ways to build your brand is through storytelling. You can do this by using storytelling in traditional marketing, or you can create a content marketing strategy that includes the mastery of storytelling.

When you hear the name Rolls-Royce, a picture immediately comes to mind. This picture is painted through the story of this royal car and is associated with the brand that nurtures a lifestyle that anyone would want to achieve.

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